A book on leaning into the unknown and unleashing your inner misfit.

Creative insecurities book

Is insecurity positive or negative?

It is both. Although insecurity is generally seen as negative, learning to embrace it will unlock the courage to embark into the unknown and real the landscape. The nature of insecurity is one of opposite polarity. While fear-based toxic insecurity can undo even the brightest leaders, leaning into insecurity by asking the questions, “what am I missing?” and “tell me more” are hallmarks of humility. This is the heart of an entrepreneurial mindset. 

CREATIVE INSECURITY is for big thinkers who are restless where they are. Do you see what others do not? Do you have the ability to look over the horizon at what’s coming next? Do you have a drive to improve when others accept the status quo? If you relate, then this book is for you.

If you are already involved with a startup or are considering a leap of faith, this practical book from a seasoned founder will be a must read. You will learn to sharpen three essential skills called The Contrarian’s Trifecta: vision, humility, and the no-quit gene. 

From the author

Jim Sweeney
James M. Sweeney

“This book will help you move the needle in your life. Everyone can unlock the power of failing your way to success, being insecure about what you don’t know, and embracing the ‘you point of view.’ If you are a big thinker who realizes you are capable of more, I wrote this for you.”  ~ James

James Sweeney is the founder of these pioneering companies that created new categories, changed the world for the better, and resulted in billions of dollars of value for shareholders. Kids Set Free is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that aims to successfully address sexual trafficking in the United States on a city-by-city basis. 

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