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Are you a misfit?

Creative Insecurity is a serial entrepreneur’s wisdom on embracing the unknown and bravely asking the questions, what am I missing? and, tell me more.

If you are a founder or if you have an entrepreneurial disposition, then this book is for you. If you are languishing in bureauracy and feel your are destined for more, this book will empower you to make the leap. 

You will learn that creative insecurity is a profoundly different mindset than fear-based toxic insecurity, which can present as either paralysis or ego. Learning to harness creative insecurity will help you unleash your inner contrarian instead of feeling like a square peg in a round hole.

This book further delves into a leadership framework called “the contrarian’s trifecta,” a balance of vision, humility, and the “no-quit gene.” This framework is analogous to a triangle—the strongest shape. A triangle does not flatten with pressure but can distribute immense weight between the three sides. Each trait reinforces the others while keeping the danger zones in check. Although it is possible to succeed for a while on two of the three traits, all three are needed over the long haul. Humility is the foundation, and without it, hubris becomes the great un-doer. The good news is all three traits can be learned. 

Creative insecurities book

A sneak preview of key principles

  • Failing your way to success.
  • Succeeding with the “no-quit gene.”
  • Knowing what and when to quit. “Don’t marry a mistake.”
  • Conducting a “premortem” for any new venture or project.
  • Differentiating yourself as a monopoly of one.
  • Defaulting to the “you point of view.”
  • Recognizing that being first is more important than being right. Know when to “be a cheetah.”
  • Going after the most prestigious target in an industry. “The bell cow effect.”
  • Empowering your team so they are more excited on Monday morning than on Friday night.